Pros and Cons of Flying Turkish Airline

Pros and Cons of Flying Turkish Airline

In true fashion I arrived at the airport 57 minutes before the first leg of my flight was to depart and I wanted to check my bag; this was my first time flying with Turkish Airline. Flustered and tired, I went to the counter and immediately the clerk said, “Ms. Jones?” I immediately chuckled and replied, “I’m the last person huh.” Even though I was late, I asked if they could spare an extra seat and without hesitation, the clerk said, “if you don’t mind sitting in the back, I can give you an extra seat so you can relax.” Slowly all of my reservations (my 1st time flying with them)  about flying with Turkish Airline disappeared. Who knew they would be the first airline I thought of when I decided to make an airline review section.

Pros of flying with Turkish Airline 

1. Food Menu

Turkish Airlines keeps your palette entertained. Shortly after take off, I was presented with a menu that displayed a choice of beef or chicken (sorry vegetarians, you may want to contact them in advance), mango mousse, and a homemade lemonade with mint which immediately made my eyes light up; maybe because I knew how great it would pair with a nip of Jose.  The food is delicious and if you’re a carb lover then I’ll end with this… they serve piping hot rolls with each meal (drooling at the memory).

flying with turkish airline

2. The Price is Right

The secret to flying cheaper is to fly when no one else does. That includes off-peak times, weekdays, flexible return days such as Tuesday, etc.

3. Layovers

Nowadays country specific airlines offer amazingly long layovers. This definitely allows you to enjoy an additional destination while you wait for your flight to your scheduled location. Think of it as a 2 for one deal 🙂 I was able to enjoy Istanbul while en route to Amsterdam.

4. Comfort

The seats are comfortable and offer more leg room than other budget airlines.

5. In-flight Amenities

At the start of the flight, you’re greeted with Turkish delight and Turkish coffee (Don’t be alarmed if you are the only person that actually asks for milk and sugar). The coffee was like a shot for me. As I watched other people sip their black coffee, I knew immediately that I NEEDED more milk and sugar.flying with turkish airline

Also, the movie options were better than I expected. I got to watch “Just Wright,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Shahs of Sunset,” and they had a few other current movies, shows and music.

Last, you receive a Turkish Airline bag filled with everything you need- slippers, toothbrush, comb, eye mask, socks and a blanket.

Cons of flying with Turkish Airline

1. No Wifi 

Unfortunately, U.S consumers have been spoiled and we expect to be connected everywhere especially on a long flight. Don’t expect to search for last minute things as you fly. Luckily my flight was a red eye so sleeping was my main agenda to gear up for my layover in Istanbul BUT if it wasn’t a red eye, I would have sat around wondering what flight deals I was missing but I would have finished reading my book.

2. Lack of Communication

 I recall just standing there waiting to hear an announcement, such as we will be boarding soon, nothing. How about the when the boarding time has passed and no one says anything. The staff was less than impressive and I got the feeling that they may just float from gate to gate on boarding passengers with no sense of connection. The same thing happened as I boarded my flight from Istanbul to Amsterdam and vice versa. The flight staff was always delightful; which leaves me to believe that the boarding are outsourced or just all hate their job, both a strong possibility lol.

3. Limited Flights and Polices

 Like most airlines, if you miss one leg of your trip, the entire plane ticket is canceled. Some routes only fly 4 planes a day, so if you miss the last flight, be prepared to pay a fee for changing flights or pray that you can find a cheap alternative. Also do remember that if you’re just beginning your trip, your return ticket could be in jeopardy.

4. Customer Service

I had to learn quickly to turn on my “patience of lamb” mode. The wait time in contacting customer service was long. I spoke to 3 representatives and all 3 of them were very cold; unwilling to help and no more helpful than a web search.

5. Bright Lights

During meal times they turn on the entire bright light which can be scary when you are awoken by what feels like a high beam shining in your face. I remember comparing this experience to concert lights. With that said, if you’re accustomed to mood lighting and dim cabins like those on Virgin Atlantic flights, pack your eye mask.


Overall the pros outweigh the cons, Turkish Airline staff was beyond delightful. The food was yummy and the cutest part of it all is the fact that a ” chef” serves you in a full chef outfit with a poofy hat lol. I didn’t take a pic so you’ll have to see it for yourself 🙂 I look forward to flying with Turkish Airline them again.

They recently won the “Most Hospitable Airline”  and “New destinations – improvement of accessibility – Increase in the incoming tourism”  awards, not to mention previously wining “Best Airline in Europe”




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