9 Tips Before Traveling Internationally

9 Tips Before Traveling Internationally

For my first #FreebieFlyday I wanted to give all of my subscribers a few things to consider before traveling internationally, new tips every Friday

Before Traveling Internationally they’re many things to consider from travel insurance to budgets. I have put together 9 tips to get you started on your international trip planning journey. If you don’t know where to start, check my Travel Tip Guide: Travel Bucket List Builder

Copies of your passport!

I can’t emphasize this enough!

Leave a copy at home, keep a picture on your phone or on the cloud, pack an extra copy in a hidden area of your luggage. Use services like Evernote, which can be accessed off or online. Evernote saved me once when my phone died and I didn’t know the name of my hotel (yikes) I spilled coffee on the print out during the flight and I was tired and cranky. I used an airport kiosk and was able to find out all of my reservations instantly

Researchresearch Before Traveling Internationally

Where to stay? What to do? Weather ? (wet season vs. dry season/ winter vs. summer)

If you’re interested in saving a few dollars check out Airbnb use my link and receive $40 off your 1st stay 🙂


Local Cultureresearch local culture Before Traveling Internationally

It’s very important to respect local cultures and to know what you’re flying into. It’s also important to avoid obscene clothes when necessary.


Spending Christmas in Indonesia 2 years ago meant knowing Christ’s birthday was just another day! On Christmas eve my driver Agung stopped by a small Christian church, they were singing joy to the world in English. On Christmas day people did tell me Merry Christmas since I was an American but I didn’t expect it at all.

Before Traveling InternationallyLocal Language

One thing American schools have done is brainwashed us into thinking English is superior, sorry to tell you it’s not. I’ve been on flights that translated the overhead messages into 3 or 4 languages and English wasn’t one of them! If you venture out of the main city area, most of the times locals are more comfortable speaking in their native tongue.

Learn basic words and greets, Hello, Good-Bye, Thank You, Please, Help, etc.

If you’re a foodie then learn how to order or how to exclude things you may not like or can’t have.

Purchase a language dictionary or grab an app


This is a huge decision maker for million of people.  So always dig a little deeper, look at menus, look out for vacation food pictures, read reviews and live a little. In Italy, I decided to stop reading the sandwich labels and just try new things ( aged ham scares me). In Morocco don’t expect pork or even meat with your breakfast, in Bali I had fried rice, egg and bacon for breakfast most days.






Staying Connected

Leave a copy of your trip itinerary with friends and family.

Get an international sim card

Add on an international service package to you phone plan

*T-mobile offers free international data and text while traveling to most   countries

WIFI! don’t eat at places that don’t have wifi or have a tea or juice to use wifi at a local café.

Local Currency

It’s very important to know the exchange rate even before traveling internationally. You may want to contact your bank to order international currency prior to flying.

One of the best tactics local crooks use is approaching tourist who just changed their money! They were so smooth in Marrakech bombarding me with a henna tattoo and then trying to charge me 300 Dirhams! 30 euros ha! (Should I share the video?)


Make sure you notify your bank and credit card companies

Most countries are using the chip card method, so make sure you have a card with a chip.

Discover and American Express are not taken everywhere.

Always have cash! Remember the euro is stronger than the US dollars so they come in handy. Most places in Morocco will not even take US dollars.



Cabs are the biggest budget busters. Research the local transportation method before traveling internationally, pick lodging near transportation or walking distance from key areas.

My travel savior is a site/app called Rome to Rio. The app allows you to put in point A and point B like a local! It gives you options via Air, Taxi, Car, Train, Bus and Boat for every country.You can use to it locally or plan long trips.  It also provides you with prices, handy when negotiating with cab drivers. Check out the screenshots below and let me know what you think.



I hope you enjoyed this weeks #FreebieFly day. Every Friday I will free tips to you flying! 

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