LayOver ? StopOver ? What the heck

LayOver ? StopOver ? What the heck

Layover? Stopover, what the heck a  roadblock goes up even at the mentioned for most. However, they really aren’t a bad thing, unless you’re traveling domestic but I even have a favorite domestic layover 🙂

So what the difference between a Layover and a Stopover?

A layover is up to 24 hours and a Stopover extends over 24 hours



  1. a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey.

A layover is a stop before your final destination; most times a plane switch is involved. Regardless of how you plan long trip, a layover is something that will most likely occur. Layover can be fun and exciting travel experience. Here are some great ways to make that short flight delay an enjoyable one

  • Go shopping

With some few hours to spare at the airport before leaving for your final destination, there is no better way to spend it than doing some shopping. There are so many airport shops where you can find virtually everything including souvenirs, jewlery, designer handbag, clothing and much more.

  • Get some work done

All major airports have business centers with free internet access. You can use this short flight delay to attend to some pressing work issues.

  • Massage

There are massage parlors on-site at major airports the world all over. Massages help you feel relaxed, revitalized and fully prepared mentally and physically for the trip ahead. Take a back run or a massage

  • Local Cuisines

You can always find local food in the airport. Skip your local favorites and try a local snack or dish while you wait. One of my favs are chips, I barely eat them in the US but I am always down to try the international flavors such as Ketchup, Steak Sauce, Paprika, Chilis you name it.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can head to the airport’s information desk for a list of airport amenities. Charge your devices., freshen up and enjoy the wifi.



  1. a break in a journey:

Stopovers are a great way to break up a long trip; unless they’re caused by flight delays. Stopovers are layovers that extend over 24 hours. These can sometimes be frustrating yet refreshing,

Fortunately, most airports have facilities designed to keep air travelers entertained especially international hubs.   Since your flight will be grounded for at least a  day, you should plan to make the best of the day. Here are some tips for surviving a stopover.

  • Luggage!!

Be prepared to travel with all of your luggage keep this in mind when you’re packing. If you think you can wing it around a foreign city with a large suitcase trust me you can’t

  • Luggage Storage

Some airports offer airport lockers or storage. You can pay a day rate or pay by the hour. If you know you’ll need to store your luggage check ahead of time and also make sure the times work with your departing flight. If I know I’m  going to check my bag, I pack my stopover bag at HOME! It’s not a good idea to let people know what’s in your suitcase.

  • Booking Hotels

Factor in the cost of local transportation when booking a hotel. Airport hotels are close to the airport which may work especially if they offer airport shuttles. Don’t forget to rest up for the next leg.

  • Staying in the airport?

A lot of airports say “no sleeping” but I have witnessed blow up bed and blankets in Barcelona airport. The cops do come around and wake everyone up just before dawn in most hotels so keep that in mind.

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<—- Rest up travelers! 

I use stopovers and layovers to my full advantage when possible I like to see the country or city that I am in at moment. I always feel cheated when I have 4-hour layover in a country I’ve never been to 🙁 One of the best places to have a layover or stopover is Bejing, besides the crowds, you can schedule an airport tour to take you round trip to The Forbidden City and The Great Wall. It’s an amazing way to get a 2 for one trip.

One of the best places to have a layover or stopover is Bejing, besides the crowds, you can schedule an airport tour to take you round trip to The Forbidden City and The Great Wall. It’s an amazing way to get a 2 for one trip. Oh, and an 8-hour layover in Vegas isn’t bad either. Shortstop through Vegas? Well, they have slot machines in the airport and I have won. Good luck!

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