34 things I’ve Learned in 34 Years 

34 things I've Learned in 34 Years 

34 known to some as the pre- midlife crisis year but to me it’s another year of self-discovery.  share the common thoughts, when will I fall in love, will I have children, blah blah. I’ve decided to no longer dwell on the what ifs and live through the what’s happening. I’m here to spread a little inspiration.

Here are some things I’ve learned over my 34 wise years on earth (lol) :






  1. It’s okay to have different goals ? 
  2. Forever doesn’t last always 
  3. Each day is new opportunity 
  4. Some best friends stay forever ??.   (Hi Furby)
  5. Practice Gratitude & Drink water daily
  6. Sex on a first date isn’t a bad thing and never let anyone make you feel guilty for it ??
  7. It’s really a bad idea to sleep with your makeup on 
  8. Family is who you allow in 
  9. Experience is the best teacher img_1255
  10. Sometimes you just can’t give a f##k??
  11. You’ll break someone’s heart; someone will break your heart, but love is still out there ?❤️
  12. Take a break when needed but don’t ever give up ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️
  13. Don’t seek validation 
  14. Trust your gut
  15. There are more short men than tall ones get over it
  16. Don’t mix dark and white liquor ?
  17. Human Trafficking is real. Please be aware.
  18. You can bring your own nip bottles on planes
  19. No one has you like you but you must always like yourself regardless. You are your own best friend first.
  20. Your parents will leave you… eventually
  21. Life is short, you just never know how short ⏳
  22. You’re coworkers become framily 
  23. Some bonds are never broken⛓
  24. Time reveals weak bonds ⏲
  25. Faith is the opposite of fear
  26. Ignore the negative voices ?
  27. Forgive more
  28. I can’t change that I’m knocked kneed – get over it!
  29. Plane tickets were meant to be bought✈️
  30. Live in the now, you can’t rewrite the past  
  31. Stop overthinking 
  32. Time will heal anything you allow it to, so give things time ?
  33. It’s ok to not have it all figured out ??‍♀️
  34. Someone will read this entire list! Thank You 🙂


  1. Love the post, and I absolutely love the list, #30 is my fav….and to me, sums up all the rest! Cheers! Happy 34th Del! Keep Rockn On…

  2. 20 is rough ?

  3. I loved this

  4. Thanks, great article.

  5. I loved the list! I read the whole list. Lol xoxo

  6. Love it all! You Inspire me! We shall connect again soon…very soon…

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