12 Airport Travel Hacks

12 Airport Travel Hacks

I could tell you how I never leave a JetBlue flight without extra snacks and waters! To travel with an empty water bottle.  To keep free airline socks. (perfect for going through airport security.) How I’ve gotten my seat moved from a crying baby by informing a flight attendant that I had a fever. I would hate to get a child sick ( god forgive me, I did travel sick a few times). For some reason, these didn’t make the list.

Here are 12 airport travel hacks to help enhance your next trip:

  1. I live by this airport hack, Get behind business travelers!

    BusiBusiness travelerness travelers fly often, their laptop accessible and they travel light.  Avoid families, strollers and hidden water bottles will increase wait times and older travelers are known for forgetting about the 3 oz fluid rules


  1. Always find out what type of plane you’re flying onSeat Guru

    Some planes have WiFi, are old, have a personal tv screen, power outlets, bad seats, meals, snacks whatever it is I need to know. I use Seat Guru to find out all about the plane.

  1. Travel smoother with TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry

    Flying frequently or during peak times? Consider TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry for international travelers. The top perks are getting through security lines faster, not taking your shoes off and skating through those long customs lines upon return.

  1. Running Late?

    ALWAYS tell an airline official! If I counted how many times I’ve made a mad dashed into the airport with minutes to spare before being able to check my bag or make my flight. I’ve never missed those flights. Even if you get the “you need to arrive 2 hours before” lecture just stay calm and humble.

  1. Take a red-eye flight Evening flights mean less traffic to the airport, shorter TSA lines and one less vacation day to take from work.

    Trafficless LAX ! Redeye time

  1. Travel with your own alcohol,

    Nip size bottles of course, this saves you $7 bucks or maybe $14 if you’re a 2 nip kinda person.

  1. Bring your own snacks! When I was younger I would get so excited over airplane lasagna; now you’re lucky if you get a bag of chip. Thank you #JetBlue for the snacks. Pack your favorite nuts, gummy bears (they charge $6 bucks for a bag at the airport), granola bar. yogurt and throw them in your carry on. Include an empty water bottle to save money.
  1. Pack extra ziplock bags, these come in handy to separate your liquids when going through security, serve as trash bags on the plane, a barrier between your electronics and sand and moisture.
  2. Wear socks and easy to remove shoes, if you’re not springing for TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry then at least be ready when it’s time to go through the security checkpoint. Yes you have to take off your shoes, no you can’t wear slipper through so please wear socks or go full airport cave manBarefoot passengers wait to retreive their shoes while going through the TSA
  3. Store laptop in an accessible compartment or leave it at home don’t be that person that appears to never have flown before, please don’t.
  1. Freeze liquids that are over 3.4 ounces, yes you can travel with frozen liquids! This comes in handy on a 12-hour flight. Imagine my delight when I arrive at my destination with my favorite protein shakes.
  1. Make a pitstop for your favorite travel meal, I feel no shame when I pull out my Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle to go order. Sorry, not sorry.


Bonus: When in doubt about what you can travel with just type in the item in the “Can I Bring” section on the TSA website

Leave a comment and with your favorite travel hacks! I‘m sure I need them 🙂


  1. Haha such a good list. I’m a guilty cave girl.

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