10 Questions before Giving Up

10 Questions before Giving Up

Okay *

all right; satisfactory: Is everything OK?

correct, permissible, or acceptable. 

feeling well.


Okay is a word that’s understood universally. When someone asks “how are you” most time the response is OK; even when we’re not ok. Sometimes we know the person asking doesn’t really care, or so we think. Sometimes we aren’t willing to open up and sometimes ok is the only response we have at the moment. Everyone has felt the feeling of giving up from relationships, business idea, projects, careers, life. Here are 10 questions that I want you to ask yourself before giving up. #JustLive


1. Are you thirsty? If so, grab some water. Dehydration slows down all of our functions so shoot for 8 glasses a day

2. Have you taken a shower? If not take a hot shower and let your weight wash down the drain.

3. Are you stretched too thin? Overexerted- emotionally, physically, professionally? Don’t fall into the mental trap of thinking“ I’m not working hard enough trap” instead give yourself a break. Relax and unwind and never forget to smile at yourself.

4. Do you need a cuddle? Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for a hug, hug your pet, your children.

5.When was the last time you ate? “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” in the words of the Snicker commercial. Hungry cause your blood sugar and crankiness.Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids help ease depressive systemsMood and energy booster: Bananas, Coconut, Eggs, Ginger Tea and Chocolate

6. Is a specific person making you unhappy?

It’s crucial to recognize when others are bringing negative energy, not treating well or making you unhappy. If you identify someone as the reason you’re unhappy you owe it to yourself to do three things:

  • Realize you’re in control and writing the script to your own life.
  • Confront the person and express to them how they are making you feel
  • Give them the opportunity to change if the relationship is worth it
  • If nothing changes, it’s time to cut them out of your life.

7. Have you spoken to someone? Friend, colleague, pastor, sibling, therapist, whoever speak with a safe person and listen to another perspective.

8. Feeling ineffective? Take a break and break the cycle, go for a walk, grab lunch, go to the gym.

9. Need accountability? Find someone to keep you accountable, hire a coach good thing I’m available

10. Have you said something nice to someone today? Practice gratitude

Bonus: Do I need a vacation? Email me @info@justvidelle.com


You create your own universe as you go along.
– Winston Churchill

So do the work before giving up. #JustLive


  1. These are all good!

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